warpathrp (warpathrp) wrote in zombie_freaks,

The Raccoon City incident didn’t hinder the Umbrella corporation’s underhanded dealings. If anything, the tragedy acted as a springboard. With the media placing no blame on the entity, and instead praising their work and the support they offered the ruined community, Umbrella was seemingly invincible. Untouchable.

Nobody listened to the survivors of the event; their warnings were met with criticism and slander. After a while they tucked themselves away and went underground to plan, while Umbrella’s higher-ups built facilities similar to the Hive, but with much more protection. Veritable fortresses, unseen and unknown of by the public. They began hammering out deals with other countries before too long, and their influence spread across the globe like wildfire.

Ten years after Raccoon City, the world had become an Orwellian dystopia, controlled by one single corporation.


Wiser now, the survivors wait. Their own influence has been spreading, drawing in followers, and slowly but surely a small army has begun to rise. Revolutionaries, people who have seen through Umbrella’s façade, scorned relatives of the corporation’s victims, bitter former employees (and even current employees who have no qualms with stealing information for the good of the rebellion) have joined forces as members of the anti-Umbrella movement.

Of course, it’s not going to be easy… but these few men and women are devoted to their cause, and willing to take the company down by any means necessary.

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