darthsmileyone (darthsmileyone) wrote in zombie_freaks,

fun game

zombie survival scenario xx:

Take yourself out of the normal survival pattern. My idea for this test is what do you do if.

You are caught off guard, during the initial outbreak. you find yourself on business or personal time. away from home.you don't have any basic weapons besides what you can scrounge up.
you make you way to the local shopping center. it has a walmart, radio shack, jewelry store, little ceasers(pizza place, a Chinese restaurant, A hibbits sports and a local grocery store.

you find yourself in the company of a pregnant woman, six year old little girl, a twelve year old boy, and old Dr. with a bad ticker, and three tourist who do not speak English.

your job simple with this knowledge and free access to the internet figure out a way to survive both short term and long term out breaks.

rules are simple you can only use in the scenario what you can find that these stores sell you must be able to provide a link, add or photo and post it in the response.

I will also allow the first twenty questions after that you must provide a tight survival plan.
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