dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl) wrote in zombie_freaks,
dangling participles are where it's at

Short Australian Zombie Film


Article says:
"There are tons of young adult novels about teens and tweens fending for themselves after the end of the world, but not nearly enough movies. That's why we're excited that the brilliant Australian post-apocalyptic short movie I Love Sarah Jane is up on YouTube in its entirety. Full movie, after the jump.

Sarah Jane follows a group of teens have to parent themselves in a world over-run with zombies. Jane is pretty spot on as to what would actually happen if kids (or me) had to parent themselves in the apocalypse. They all look filthy, the house is a mess, every other word is a curse and they chase each other around with weed whackers. It's got a great twist and absolutely worth a few minutes of your time."

I say: it's nearly 12 minutes long and not too shabby. A little predictable, has a few weak points but also has a number of strong points. All in all, worth the watch. It certainly grabbed my interest, and it's a storyline I'd be interested in learning more about.

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